Title: Digi "Senang-Senang Menang" Contest
Volkswagen Scirocco x 2 (every month)
Apple MacBook x 56 (every day)

1 June 2010 (7 April - 1 June 2010)

DiGi is giving away an Apple MacBook every day and a Volkswagen Scirocco every month! Come and join the Digi "Senang-Senang Menang" Contest.

How to Win:
Just send an SMS with the text WIN if your preferred language is English or MENANG if Malay to 2882 (cost of SMS = RM3.00). Then answer each multiple-choice question correctly to win points. At the end of the day, the participant with the most points will get an Apple MacBook! At the end of every 4-week period, the participant with the most points will drive home with a brand new VolkswagenW Scirocco!

Link: http://www.digimegapromo.com.my/index.php

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  1. Anonymous On May 23, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    Message on 23 May 2011. Contest suspended until further notice ??!


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