Title: KFC Munch & Shoot Contest
80 prizes will be given away during this contest period.
There will be 20 winners every week, with each walking away with a KFC bucket.

3 May 2010 (12 April - 3 May 2010)

Look for a Munch & Shoot Standee at any participating KFC outlets in the Peninsular Malaysia then simply munch and shoot! We have 20 buckets to be given away every week, so if your "creative" pose strikes our attention, you stand a chance to get a KFC bucket! Creativity rules!

How to Win:
Step 1
Get KFC's Chicken, Zinger Burger, Cheezy Wedges, or any KFC stuff you feel like munching on.
Step 2
Munch and pull off your wackiest post!
Step 3
Shoot the photo!
Step 4
Submit the photo to contest@snax.com.my and you're set.
Step 5
Check www.snax.com.my to see if you have the winning pose!

Link: http://www.snax.com.my/#/Contest/Article/91

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