Title: Twister's Twistable Mocktail Contest
1st Prize - Cash RM500 + Twister Products
2nd Prize - Cash RM350 + Twister Products
3rd Prize - Cash RM200 + Twister Products
Consolation Prizes - Twister Products

16 May 2010

Think you can make the best mocktail in town? If the answer is yes, why not take part in Twister’s Twistable Mocktail Contest.

Come up with the perfect mix by using Tropicana Twister, a delicious fruit drink full of the vitality of real fruits and enhanced with vitamins. Tropicana Twister is a nutritious, refreshing and great-tasting juice that's a perfect on-the-go beverage for active and fun-loving individuals. Tropicana Twister comes in two delicious flavours: Orange with pulp (plus Vitamins A, C and E) and Apple with Vitamin C.

How to Win:
Just come up with the most creative name for your mocktail using the word Twister and submit a mocktail recipe together with a photo of the finished drink. Points will be given for originality and creativity.

Link: http://kuali.com/twister/default.asp

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