Title: Big Apple Donuts “3rd Anniversary Flying Kisses” Contest
Grand Prize x 1
RM5,000 + Gold Coast + 1 year free donuts

2nd Prizes x 2
Rm3,000 + Macau/Hong Kong + 1 year free donuts

3rd Prizes x 3
Rm1,000 + Bangkok/Manila/Ho Chi Minh + 1 year free donuts

Special Prizes (Category A) x 10
Phuket/Hanoi/Siem Reap/Krabi/Phnom Penh + 6 months  free donuts

Special Prizes (Category B) x 20
Penang/Langkawi/Kuantan/Kota Kinabalu/Kuching + 6 months  free donuts

Consolation Prizes x 100
RM50 cash voucher

30 June 2010

Join the Big Apple Donuts “3rd Anniversary Flying Kisses” Contest now and you will stand a chance to win cash and holidays.

How to Win:
Just purchase the Big Apple donuts , complete the contest form and drop it in the box provided at Big Apple Donuts outlets.

Note: entry forms come with purchase at any outlets.

Link: http://www.bigappledonuts.com/

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  1. jfook On May 13, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    Wow, interesting! I guess I gonna join as well!


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