Title: Wall's Malaysia "Paddle Pop Elemagika" Contest
1st Prize x 320 - Sony PSP
2nd Prize x 2400 - Sony MP3 Walkman
3rd Prize x 30, 000 - Magnetic Dart Board
Instant Redemption Prize x 800,000 - Ninja Jelly Ice Cream

15 August 2010 (15 May - 15 Aug 2010)

Join the Wall's Malaysia "Paddle Pop Elemagika" Contest now and stand a chance to win a SONY PSP and other great prizes.

How to Win:
Just purchase Paddle Pop Elemagika aiskrim (Rainbow, Choco Magma, Cola Fire & Rocky Choc),  finds the word “Fire” , “Earth”, “Water” or “Ice Cream” on the icecream stick ,complete the form and send it to claims the prize .

Link: http://www.walls.com.my/paddlepop/

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