Title: SNICKERS Hunger Buster Challenge
Category 1
1st Place - Sony Playstation 16GB x 1
2nd Place - Sony Ericsson W995 x 1
3rd Place - Canon Camera IXUS 95 IS x 1
4th - 15th Place - Consolation: free movie passes for 4

Category 2
1st Place - Canon Camera IXUS 95 IS x 1
2nd - 13th Place - Free movie passes for 2
14th - 23th Place - Mystery gift

21 August 2010 (8 July - 21 Aug 2010)

Join the SNICKERS Hunger Buster Challenge and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

How to Win:
This contest consists of two (2) categories of participation

Category 1
15 Lucky winners with the best and fastest time in the game will be selected every week within the promotional period of 6 weeks to win the weekly prize. Each winner(s) can only win ONE weekly prize.

Category 2
The fastest 23 lucky winners who hunt the GOLDEN SNICKERS Bars will be selected every week within promotional period of 6 weeks. Each winner(s) can ONLY win ONE GOLDEN SNICKERS weekly prize.

Terms and conditions apply.

Link: http://www.snickersgame.com/index.html

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