Title: EverydayOnSales.com Merdeka Photo Contest

1st Prize
Inuovi Cosmetic Products(RM500) and RM300 Jusco Shopping Voucher (Total worth RM800)

2nd Prize
Inuovi Cosmetic Products(RM300) and RM150 Jusco Shopping Voucher (Total worth RM450)

3rd Prize
Inuovi Cosmetic Products(RM100) and RM100 Jusco Shopping Voucher (Total worth RM200)

Consolation Prizes x 5
Inuovi Makeup workshop voucher(RM68) and RM50 Jusco Shopping Voucher (Total worth RM118)

31 August 2010

Join the EverydayOnSales.com Merdeka Photo Contest now and you have chance to win a Inuovi Cosmetic Products and others fabulous prizes.

How to Win:
  1. Find 1 of the "Most Unforgettable Moment" (eg.Your Baby Best Smile,Happiest Family Photo,Funniest Moment During Secondary School/University,Memorable Event Photos)
  2. Submit the photo to contest@everydayonsales.com (Please provide Name, Email, Mailing Address, Sex, Date of Birth, Contact No, Reason why this photo is most unforgettable for you)
  3. Contest committee will review the photo and approve photo will be upload to our Facebook Page Photo Album
  4. Photo with the most "Like" vote on Facebook page Photo Album will be the winner

Link: http://www.everydayonsales.com/merdeka-photo-contest

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