Title: JobsDB Malaysia - "Spot The CopyCat" Contest

Apple iPad x 10

Additional iPads for those who can identify an imitation of "SPOT THE COPYCAT" contest by other jobsites as well!

31 December 2010

JobsDB, the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific, in conjunction with the launch of its revamped Recruitment Management System (“RMS”), is launching the “Spot the Copycat Campaign" to assert its intellectual property rights in its groundbreaking features that are first to be found in any job portal in Malaysia.

How to Win:
  1. Find out if these features are copied by other jobsites.
  2. Copy the URL and make a screen capture.
  3. Fill in the entry registration form and copy the URL and screen capture (from step 2) in the box provided.
  4. Send the completed form to contest@jobsdb.com.my.

Prizes will be awarded to participants who correctly identify any other Malaysian jobsite/recruitment company that copies any one of the new features listed below:
  • Dynamic Job Search On Map
  • Preview Mode
  • Resume Preview
  • Import Resumes In Multiple Formats
  • Auto-opened Attachmentsjavascript:void(0)


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  1. Anonymous On December 17, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    Where to get the registration form?


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